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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Baby E

Well I got to meet a really great family today. There was so much love in their house and I felt it when SC welcomed me at the door. As I walked in I was greeted by PC holding a very happy baby E. As we chatted we discovered the our worlds cross over a bit. SC is from an area that I have visited many times an love and PC is involved in a sport that some nights makes my chest hurt (my husband hates when I can't watch and he need to shout play by play to me upstairs). What can I say I'm a freak and proud out it.

I soon discovered the E likes the game peek-a-boo and I have a feeling Mommy and Daddy play it very often and quite well with him. At some points it was me getting peeked around. It provided lots of laughs and giggles. Something else I discovered while I was there this baby can bounce and has the coolest bouncy seat I have ever seen. Anyway I know you don't want to hear me ramble all you want are the pictures. I could go on and on about these three but I won't.

SC & PC thank you again for having my into your home and giving me the opportunity to capture your beautiful family.

Enjoy the pictures.

With tomorrow being Canada Day I just had to include one of E in his team Canada Jersey.

Happy Canada Day everyone!


  1. I did write a comment yesterday... did you get it? Also, are your pictures smaller today than yesterday or am I going crazy??

  2. I did get it but you left it on the blog I'm developing. These pictures are smalle. One of the reasons I'm looking forward to the new blog as well.