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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

STA Quebec City School Trip

A couple of weeks ago I had the chance to go on my son's school trip with him to Quebec City, shhh he wanted me to go, and what a great time we had. The trip was organized through a company called Perspectives. we rode in a very comfy BIG bus and when we arrived into Quebec City the tours guides met us and that is when the real fun began. We went on walking tours around the fort- Quebec City is the only fortified city in North America, see I learnt while I was there. We visited the Plains of Abraham where many battles over the city took place then it was off to the Montmorency Falls. What a place this was. We walked across a bridge spanning the falls than walked down what seemed like 1000 steps, I didn't count them but man-o-man there were a lot of them. On Thursday we headed out to a ski resort where they had set up different activities for the kids to do and the night ended in a dance- can these kids move! Friday seen us with some free time in the city in the morning then it was off to the water park for the afternoon. This had to be one of the most organized trips I'd ever been on and the kids were amazing. We got back into Russell late Friday night and I'm not sure about the kids but I was whipped.

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