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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Winterlude 2009

We had such a great day at Winterlude on Monday and to make it even better it was Family Day. We started off by going over the the ice slides and looking at the snow sculptures. It always blows my mind to see what they can do with a big block of snow. It always makes me think about all the complaining that we do about it as well. How can something that causes people so much grief be so beautiful.
From there is was on to the canal. Michaela was the only only one that skated, the rest of us just walked it. It was such a nice day and the ice conditions were perfect. So many people were out enjoying the festivities. To top off our great day it was Beavertails all around. Oh so good but somehow they seem to taste that much better when they're enjoyed at Winterlude.
Because everything is better with a picture I put together a few from the day.

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