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Friday, March 13, 2009

Back & Rejuvenated

Well I'm back from my trip to Arizona with my sister and what a great time we had. It was fantastic to be able to spend some time together. We had quiet time but seemed to see lots as well. I had never seen the Grand Canyon before so I took a day trip up there and all I can say is wow. It really is breath taking and you just have no idea of he size until you see it for yourself. I also had the chance to visit some native ruins, the painted dessert, the largest Navajo reservation, and there was just so much. We stayed in Sedona were all the red rocks are and it didn't matter how many times you looked at them you always seemed to notice something different. One of the other places we were able to visit was Jerome. Jerome was once a booming mining town that had become a ghost town. now there are about 500 people that live there.

Now that I'm back I have started working on my to-do list that I created while I was away (It's amazing what you think you can accomplish while having a glass of wine and relaxing). I'm looking forward to all my upcoming weddings and sessions with a whole new sense of excitement.

Here are some photos that were taken while on vacation, enjoy.

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